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Women's self defense techniques

This article provides information on easy and efficient self defense techniques for women. Learn how to protect yourself from criminal aggression.

Groin attacks

Women's defense techniques. Female self defence pictures. Groin attack  Women's defense techniques. Female self defence pictures. Front kick to the groin, testicles  Women's defense techniques. Female self defence pictures. Groin attack. Grabbing and twisting testicles

   Groin attack is usually considered as "No 1 women's self defense technique"; every woman knows how to perform it, but rare will risk to try it facing a real aggression. Groin attacks are quite effective, but most probably they will fail without the element of surprise - because groin is a very sensitive part of men's body, and men usually thoroughly control this area, most likely expecting attack here. On finding out your intention to fight back, assailant won't regret you. So, surprise is the key element of a successful groin attack.
   The first variation of the groin attack is accomplished with a knee (pic. 1). Seize both attacker's hands and strike him to the respective area with your knee as hard as you can. Another option - front kick to the groin (pic. 2). This kick is best used when your attacker's legs are spread. Front kick is done in much the same way as you would kick playing a football. Flick your striking leg very quick, without any delay. In this case the best results come from bringing your foot up under the testicles and striking with the top part of your foot.
   It is also possible for defending woman to grab and twist man's testicles with a hand (pic. 3). While this women's self defense technique may seen repellent, it will produce the most dramatic effect on your attacker.
   Applying of these self defense techniques won't defeat attacker completely - it will only deactivate, stun him for a short time and gives defending woman a real chance to escape, so don't waste such precious time and run as quick as possible!

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