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Common Goods As Self-Defense Weapons

By Lost Johnny

We are never unarmed, we can always use something as a weapon. This article is dedicated to use common goods as a self-defense weapons.

One of the most popular ordinary things being used for self-defense is undoubtedly the simple pen. It has several advantages: absolute legality, small size, and, that is the most important, pen is usually not considered as a potential weapon by attackers, so you can carry it openly, attached to your front pocket. The simple pen looks harmless enough, but you can use it successfully as relatively powerful weapon.

As a self-defense weapon, pen can be used like a dagger or a stiletto. Use a pen to stab assailant´┐Żs body/chest/neck. If he continues with the attack, you can also use your pen to give him an eye gouge. Alternatively, you can use your pen to stab his groin as many times as you can - then escape! You can also apply pen to break body grips.

Nail file is being widely used as a women´┐Żs self-defense weapon. The defense tactics with a nail file are quite similar to those with a pen: quick stabs at an attacker´┐Żs face, eyes, neck, groin.

Umbrella ´┐Ż can be successfully used as a cane, striking the header and wave strokes to an assailant´┐Żs body. It allows to block enemy´┐Żs hits and edged weapon attacks. Umbrella with a handle of a bent (´┐Ż-like) shape one may use as a tonfa.

Hair spray/ air freshener/ deodorant spray can also become self-defense weapon. Spray them in an assailant´┐Żs eyes; the aerosol´┐Żs components act as an irritants, cause short-timed enemy´┐Żs blindness and disorientation. There´┐Żre known some facts about another spray use possibility: spray aerosol on an attacker´┐Żs body or face and light by a cigarette lighter. Ordinary household spray turns into the small but harmful flame-thrower.

Computer cable with a massive plug-and-socket at the end one may use as a flexible chain-like weapon. This improvised weapon allows to keep self-defender at a distance from an attacker and strike intense blows.

It´┐Żs not hard to find a stone (or a brick/solid piece of asphalt) in the street and use it as a defensive weapon. Stones serve people as a weapons since prehistoric times and are being used by a modern street fighters as before. There´┐Żre two different ways of use of stone in a battle: use it as a missile weapon throwing at assailant and use it as impact weapon squeezed in your fist. The first way is actually not very efficient, but allows to keep defender at a distance from his enemy; the second is potentially more successive, but compels self-defender to come into close combat. Strike quick and powerful blows at an assailant´┐Żs head. If you want to win, your stone-fighting technique must be utterly cruel and brutal.

Glass bottle (for beer, whisky, vine, etc.) is known as popular street weapon. Bottle is usually used as baton striking opponent´┐Żs head. Often even one strong blow upon somebody´┐Żs head is quite enough to put him out of action. Then the bottle breaks, it transforms to a very dangerous and impressive weapon ´┐Ż the neck with a lot of very sharp and non-uniform ends.

Plastic bottle with water ´┐Ż can be used as a baton which usually doesn´┐Żt break.

The overall efficiency of this improvised weapon depends on its weight (the volume of water it contains). Plastic bottle with 3 and more pints of water is really powerful weapon. Moreover, it usually doesn´┐Żt leave a visible traces of strokes on its victims´┐Ż bodies. Due to this feature, some police officers use such batons for inflicting torture on suspect people.

Electric flashlight in solid metal casing (Mag Lite type) is versatile tool, being used not only for lighting, but for self-defense purposes. Many police officers and security guards use it as a metal baton. This tool is suitable for striking short and quick blows on an opponent´┐Żs head, shoulders and hands, short-distance header blows on a face, neck and groin, for blocking enemy´┐Żs attacks.