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Unarmed self-defense techniques: eye attacks

I. Eye gouge technique

Eye gouge technique can help you get out of a tight jam; it´┐Żs usually considered as an ultimate measure for extreme self-defense situations. Take the following steps to apply simplest eye gouge technique to your attacker: use two fingers on just one hand - your pointer finger and middle finger; point them straight out, folding the remaining two fingers out of the way; place your thumb on top of the remaining fingers to keep them out of the way; spread your pointer finger and the middle finger, and stiffen them. Eye gouge technique is easy to do and requires almost no power or training to be able to perform it. Another option ´┐Ż thumb gouge (performed with thumbs), which might be substantially more effective in dire emergencies. Don't expect to be able to just stick your thumb into someone's eye and dig it around. It ain't going to happen. As soon as your thumb makes contact with his eye, the attacker´┐Żs hand will be reaching up to pull your thumb away, it's just a natural reaction. If attacker is grabbing you, the eye gouge will make him release his hold so that he can get your finger or thumb off of his eye. This action will free you from him and allow you to get some room to strike, kick, or escape. The gouge usually lacks power, it's not a strike. It's a close in, gouging move that will cause the attacker to pull back. The element of surprise is necessary for applying eye gouge in self-defense.

II. Eye strikes

Striking the eye is an excellent tactic whenever you must defend yourself. The difference between an eye strike and an eye gouge is speed and impact. An eye strike will impact upon the attacker´┐Żs eye with speed and force. This should cause a blinding flash of white light to explode inside the attacker´┐Żs head. A temporary loss of vision in the eye that has been struck is a very real possibility. Perhaps the best technique for this attack is the palm heel. Notice how perfectly the heel of your hand fits into your eye socket. The orbital bones that protect the eye offer little protection from your palm heel. Your palm heel will slam right into the attacker´┐Żs eyeball. It is this impact that will result in the flash of white light. If you want to double the effect of this strike then hit with a double palm heel strike. Both hands drive out and strike both eye sockets. Little need to worry if the attacker is wearing eye glasses - just drive his glasses into his eyes!
The impact from the strike could quite easily knock out the attacker. The strike attacks the nervous system, and it overwhelms the system causing a knockout effect. A smaller person could stop a larger person far easier by striking his eye than he could by trying to punch the larger person.