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Brief Intro

 In the cities, in the streets we can everyday feel the tension. The tension that tortures our souls. Bursts of violence. Waves, billows of crimes. Mass drug abuse. Religious maniacs and neo-fascists play their deadly games. Worldwide terrorists put the thousands innocent people to barbarous slaughter, turning our planet into chaos. Politicians gamble, investing people's souls in their evil schemes. We live on the razor's edge. You're always outnumbered by the bastards till the final day of your life.

 No chance to get out of this damned deadlock?
Hey, man! What are you talkin' about? Don't surrender, hold on!
Make yourself stronger with Self-Defender.NET! Let's fight back all the bastards together!
We'll tell you how to defend yourself. Go ahead! Let's talk about self-defense now.









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