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Karate techniques. Karate clips.
Online karate self defense manual

This page collects several short clips demonstrating karate techniques. Clips #1-3 - basic karate moves and their application in practical combat; clips #4-7 illustrate how to use karate techniques in various self-defense situations (not only for women). You need Macromedia Flash plugin installed in your browser to see these clips.

Karate clip # 1

Basic karate techniques - blocking
enemy's attack
and making counterattack

Karate clip # 2

Karate techniques - counterattack example

Karate clip # 3

Karate techniques - using high kicks in a fight

Karate clip # 4

Karate techniques: women's self-defense - dealing with the front grab

Karate clip # 5

Karate techniques: women's self-defense - defending from the hand grab from rear

Karate clip # 6

Karate techniques: women's self-defense -
palm heel strike, groin kick, elbow strike

Karate clip # 7

Attacker grabs "victim" by the neck with both hands. Then "victim" strikes assailant ears with her palms; the following knee kick to the groin neutralizes assailant

Karate moves. Karate clips.
Online karate self defense manual