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Self-Defense Tips

Always keep control under your surroundings. Show potential attackers that you guess about their intentions - it could guard you from the possible attack.

Avoid dark, deserted routes, even if they're the shortest.

If you're attacked, don't lose self-control, don't fall into panic, don't stop thinking. Fear is one of your most dangerous enemies. The key to successful self-defense is self-control and rational thinking.

Alcohol is also one of the worst self-defender's enemies. Don't lose control under yourself.

Don't expect unknown people to help you if you're attacked or pursued. They usually don't want to get involved in such cases.

Your weapon must be carried only in the pocket or holster, i.e. you should always be able to pull it out quickly. The bottom of your bag or purse ain't a good place to keep a weapon.

Avoid to shake your weapon at the attacker. It can be used against you in attack if it is taken away from you. Weapons are destined to shoot, but not to menace.

Avoid to come to single combat even if your opponent is obviously weaker than you. The knife in his hand can suddenly alter the balance of power.

Don't demonstrate your gun to police officers. Police have shot innocent people because they were holding weapons when the officers arrived.

Remember that courts often disapprove of the use of force, even justifiable, in the acts of self-defense.

Don't pick up any suspect objects in public places. You can run against masked bomb. Don't open suspect letters or postal wrappers.

Keep all the doors and windows in your house locked every time. Keep a loaded gun in a secret place you can easily reach in alert.

When you're at the parking, going to enter your car, look around with attention to make sure that no one is watching for you.

Avoid to carry the strangers even women while driving the car.

Keep yourself within the law. Police don't like wild cowboys and terminators.

The use of deadly force may be justified only to defend against force, or the threat of force of nearly equal severity.

Then you talk to police, remember that anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.