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Introduction to Self-Defense

 Every day we face the risk of being attacked. Attacked by the street robbers, home intruders, rapists and violent persons of other sort. If you, your relative or a friend are attacked, you have a right to ward off an attack by using a force. According to the terms of law, the reasonable use of force somebody need for protection against the use of unlawful force by other person, is called "self-defense". This definition is quite simple and easy to understand, but we avoid to use it due to its evident scantiness.

  The real self-defense is actually the complicated polyhedral conception which involves lots of various aspects. In a broad context we can consider self-defense as a person's ability to resist different kinds of negative influence that somebody tries to exercise upon him (her). Repelling an attack of a street robber, shooting at a burglar, preventing Internet attack, responding to verbal abuser, exposing a fraud, surviving terrorist attack, showing political protest against antisocial law - it all can be referred to self-defense. Self-defense plays a great part in everybody's life, but we often don't give a proper weight to it. Self-defense embraces a huge variety of skills we use not only in particular defensive situations but in a thousand events of our daily routine.

 To resist a negative external influence every self-defender must have a kind of inner core which gives him a power, makes him being strong in front of agressor's eyes. You must be strong to say 'em "Hands off! Go away from me!" It's not a matter of physical strength - you have to be a person of a powerful spirit in the first place. There's a kind of rebel in a heart of every real self-defender. The rebel who doesn't want to take things as they are, who doesn't allow you to bend the neck under surrounding pressure.










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