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Self-Defense: On The Way To The Total Approach

 As follows from our previous discussions, we can't consider self-defense in a simple way as just an experience of shooting or hitting attackers. Real self-defense is much more complicated; it embraces a huge variety of life skills - rational thinking, social, communicative and communicative skills, psychological knowledge, physical aspects and courage. Being the person of a powerful spirit, of unmovable courage - the primary and indispensable feature of a genuine self-defender. Violent people - agressors - often merely step aside courageous persons. Agressors simply avoid them because they usually seek a weak people while choosing their victims. Thus, the principal point of the total approach to self-defense is the development of person's inner core, the spirit improvement. It will give you the self-reliance, the self-possession, the ability to avoid violent situations and conflicts. There are many ways to the spirit improvement. What a way to choose - it depends on the person; we can't give any definite guidances here. Everyone can find his own way.

 Background knowledge (social and psychological awareness, etc) undoubtedly have an importance for the person who wants to be an expert in self-defense. Understanding of the roots of criminality, violence and agression allows to avoid possible alert situations and aids in defensive system organization.

 Physical training is a point of no little importance for self-defender, but there's no reason of driving it to extremity. Being the mass of muscles doesn't mean being the real self-defender. Martial arts training certainly give self-defender a useful set of physical skills and a spirit improvement, but a person who identifies martial arts with self-defense, is dead wrong. There's evidently a wide difference between self-defense and martial arts training, therefore the self-defensive approach based on martial arts, is strongly limited.

 Various weapons undoubtedly play a great part in a self-defender's life. There are lots of extreme alert situations couldn't be resolved without use of weapons and probably deadly force. Modern self-defender can't leave out firing practice, but it's very dangerous for you to rely entirely on weapons but not on yourself. Diverse weapons and their characteristics will be discussed later in-depth in another our sections as an integral part of our total approach. Nevertheless we don't recommend you to devote very much time to weapons.