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Terrorism. Terrorist Threat

...But if the world can show that
it will carry on, that it will
persevere in creating a stronger,
more just, more benevolent and
more genuine international community
across all lines of religion and race,
then terrorism will have failed.

 Nowadays the world faces the terrible threat that impends over the bases of every democratic society. The recent terrorist attacks in Spain, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Russia don't provide us with an opportunity of talking about the reduction of worldwide terrorists' activity. We will never forget September 11, 2001 tragedy, but there's no reason to believe that tragedy of the same scale will never be repeated again. According to FBI reports, al Qaeda bastards plan to attack U.S. cities, chemical plants, nuclear reactors and other objects of particular importance. Some reliable information sources evidence that al Qaeda terrorists possess biochemical weapons and radioactive materials. We can expect everything. The largest European and American cities are under the permanent threat of terrorist attacks. Unfortunately, governments are unable to protect people from terrorist attacks in spite of their great efforts in a war against global terrorism. Nevertheless there's no reason for us to fall into panic. On the contrary, we should keep ourselves calm - one of the terrorists' goals is to frighten people, and we must resist all their such attempts. We should realize that the possible terrorist attack prevention is within our hands. We must be careful in the streets, while visiting public places (shopping centers, big squares, restaurants, public events) and instantly inform police about any suspect objects, persons and cars. Cooperating with police and special agents we can prevent possible terrorist attacks.

 Remember: terrorists' enemy No1 is our unity. September 11, 2001 tragedy of American people united an entire world forming an impenetrable wall in the mind of each citizen against participating in political violence. And our unity against global terrorism comes stronger and stronger year after year.