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Note: the material presented on this page cannot be regarded as promotion of firearms. The aim of this page is providing basic understanding of some pistol models with their characteristics for educational purposes. We warn our readers that handguns can cause potential danger to the people and must be kept only in specially equipped storage places admitting no access to unauthorized persons and children. All the actions connected with the purchase/sale and possession of handguns must be taken only in agreement with current firearms laws or penal legislation. Anyhow, we don�t impel you to own guns to avoid possible troubles. If you however decide to purchase a pistol, check your local gun laws before. This site has never been associated with any manufacturer of weapons or ammunition.

Handguns For Self-Defense. Pistols

Beretta 92 (Italy)

Pistols for self defense. Beretta 92 pistol

   Type: semi-automatic pistol; Caliber - 9x19; Barrel length - 125 mm (5") ; Overall length - 217 mm (8.5") ; Capacity - 15 ; Weight ~ 950 g (2.1 lbs).

   Beretta 92 family pistols are perfect, extremely reliable and very popular combat semi-auto pistols. Beretta 92 Series pistols are semi-automatics and operate on the short recoil, delayed locking block system, which yields a faster cycle time and delivers exceptional accuracy and reliability. Beretta 92 has double action trigger with frame mounted safety (ambidextrous manual safety). Various Beretta 92 modifications are widely used in police and military forces of many countries including USA, Italy, France.

Browning Hi-Power (Belgium)

Pistols for self defense. Browning Hi-Power pistol

   Type: semi-automatic pistol; Caliber - 9x19; Barrel length - 136 mm (5.35") ; Overall length - 200 mm (7.87") ; Capacity - 13 ; Weight ~ 880 g (1.95 lbs).

   Browning Hi-Power is the legendary pistol that is produced since 1933. It is the first combat semi-automatic model with high magazine capacity (double-column magazine). Browning Hi-Power is a locked-breech semi-automatic pistol that has a single-action trigger. The pistol has a safety similar to the thumb safety of Colt 1911 pistol; the grip safety is absent. Due to its perfect reliability, accuracy and firepower, Browning Hi-Power is one of the most widely used military pistols in the history of firearms.

Colt M1911 (USA)

Pistols for self defense. Colt M1911 pistol

   Type: semi-automatic pistol; Caliber - .45 ACP; Barrel length - 127 mm (5") ; Overall length - 219 mm (8.6") ; Capacity - 7 ; Weight ~ 1130 g (2.5 lbs).

   Featuring the great firepower and perfect reliability, Colt M1911 is considered as one of the most successful pistol models in the modern firearms history. Designed by John Browning in the beginning of the XXth century, Colt M1911 semi-automatic pistol was widely used in many armed conflicts including World War I, World War II, Vietnam War and Gulf war. Colt M1911 is a recoil-operated single-action pistol. The thumb safety may only be activated once the pistol is cocked. Barrel and slide are interlocked with the use of massive lugs on the upper part of the barrel, just ahead of the chamber. After the shot is fired, the barrel and the slide go back for the short distance, then rear part of the barrel is lovered by tilting link, and barrel unlocks the slide. There are known numerous modifications/clones of Colt M1911 pistols, which differ in caliber, barrel length, materials, safeties, etc.

Desert Eagle (USA/Israel)

Pistols for self defense. Desert Eagle pistol

   Type: semi-automatic pistol; Caliber - .50 AE /.44 Magnum /.41 Magnum /.357 Magnum ; Barrel length - 152 mm (6") ; Overall length - 260 mm (10") ; Capacity - 9 ; Weight ~ 1800 g (4 lbs).

   Desert Eagle pistols were specially designed for the powerful Magnum cartridges and provide shooters with an extreme firepower. Desert Eagle is semi-automatic pistol with unique gas-operated construction and represents a new functional approach to a handgun. All parts of Desert Eagle are manufactured by precision casting and machining to strict military standards and with the dedication to quality and durability. Desert Eagle pistol features polygonal barrel rifling which increases handgun accuracy and reduces barrel wear. Relatively short pistol's recoil makes comfortable the usage of powerful Magnum ammunition. Nevertheless, on account of its massive size and weight, Desert Eagle pistol is not a good choice for self-defense.

Glock (Austria)

Glock 17

Pistols for self defense. Glock 17 pistol

   Type: semi-automatic pistol; Caliber - 9x19 mm ; Barrel length - 114 mm (4.49") ; Overall length - 186 mm (7.32") ; Capacity - 19 ; Weight ~ 625 g (22.04 oz).

Glock 26

Pistols for self defense. Glock 26 pistol

   Type: semi-automatic pistol; Caliber - 9x19 mm ; Barrel length - 88 mm (3.46") ; Overall length - 160 mm (6.29") ; Capacity - 12 ; Weight ~ 560 g (19.75 oz).

Glock 29

Pistols for self defense. Glock 29 pistol

   Type: semi-automatic pistol; Caliber - 10 mm Auto ; Barrel length - 96 mm (3.78") ; Overall length - 172 mm (6.77") ; Capacity - 10 ; Weight ~ 700 g (24.69 oz).

Glock 36

Pistols for self defense. Glock 36 pistol

   Type: semi-automatic pistol; Caliber - .45 ACP ; Barrel length - 96 mm (3.78") ; Overall length - 172 mm (6.77") ; Capacity - 6 ; Weight ~ 570 g (20.11 oz).

   Glock pistols are perfect combination of reliability and accuracy. Their high-tech engineering and construction create a handgun that can stand up to more punishment than even the most unforgiving conditions can generate. Glock pistols with Safe Action constant double action mode have three independent and automatic safeties. The combination of the trigger safety, firing pin safety, and drop safety make the Glock the safest double action pistol on the market. The frame of a Glock handgun is made out of a synthetic that's actually stronger than steel, yet 86% lighter. The unique Glock barrel features cold hammer-forged hexagonal rifling for increased velocity and even greater accuracy.

Makarov (PM) pistol (Russia)

Pistols for self defense. Makarov (PM) pistol

   Type: semi-automatic pistol; Caliber - 9x18 mm; Barrel length - 93.5 mm (3.6") ; Overall length - 161.5 mm (6.35") ; Capacity - 8 ; Weight ~ 730 g (1.6 lbs).

    Makarov pistol - basic handgun model of the Soviet/Russian army and police since early 1950s. Principle of operation based on using a slide recoil energy. Inertial locking system, exposed hammer double-action trigger action. Non-automatic safety, if engaged, blocks a firing pin & slide and decocks the hammer. Makarov pistol - one of the cheapest handgun models available on market. Makarov pistols are made of high-quality steel. Although 9x18 ammunition, widespread in the former Soviet block countries, is less powerful in comparison with 9x19 Luger ammo, it is quite suitable for the personal defense purposes. Due to its high durability and usability, Makarov pistol is a quite reasonable choice for self defense.

Walther PPK (Germany)

Pistols for self defense. Walther PPK pistol

   Type: semi-automatic pistol; Caliber - 9x17 mm (.380ACP) / 7.65 mm; Barrel length - 86 mm (3.3") ; Overall length - 155 mm (6.1") ; Capacity - 6 ; Weight ~ 570 g (21 oz).

   Walther PPK (the favourite weapon of James Bond) is the original double-action semi-automatic pistol and was first introduced in 1929. Walther PPK is the blowback operated handgun, with chamber loaded indicator, external hammer and manual safety; battery safety is absent. Designed for concealed carry, Walther PPK is a polular deep-cover handgun. As distinct from Desert Eagle, Walther PPK is the kind of pistol that you can always have on you.

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Handguns for self-defense. Featuring: Beretta 92, Browning Hi-Power, Colt M1911, Desert Eagle, Glock 17, Glock 29, Glock 36, Makarov pistol, Walther PPK