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Knives For Self-Defense

   In the course of many centuries knives remain to be perfect close combat weapons that never jam. Knives are widely used for self defense purposes, particularly in regions/countries, where handguns are prohibited for civilians. Even if you carry a pistol (or revolver) for personal defense, the knife in a pocket won't be useless - it reasonably supplements your street defense arsenal, and in some cases can do you a great favor instead of firearm, than the latter is jammed or inaccessible.
    Despite the obvious simplicity of their construction, knives are serious weapons, that don't forgive you the improper use of them. Knife is usually considered as "last chance weapon of self defense", that can save your life when no other means available for it. Knife combats are not exempted from cruelty, flows of blood and other unpleasant things of this sort, so if you choose a knife as your self defense arsenal item, you have to be mentally prepared for it. Don't carry a knife for self defense if you're are not prepared to use it against other person. That's better to be unarmed than to carry a weapon, which you're not familiar with, in a hope of some probable "self defense luck". In some cases, of course, only the demonstration of the knife and your strong intention to fight back will be quite sufficient to prevent criminal aggression, but nevertheless you always have to be prepared to use it.
    Remember that knife users (regardless of their justifiable actions) are often frowned upon by police. Some knives are completely illegal to carry in specific states/regions - check your local knife laws to avoid troubles!

   The selection of knife for self defense is not an easy subject. There's no "ideal knife" that fits everybody's demands. That's the matter of a personal choice. There are several criteria of a knife selection that you should take into consideration:
* type of a knife construction corresponding to your defense tactics: if you prefer stabbing techniques, look for a knife with a long thin blade which have high penetration ability (pic. 1).

knives for self defense. self defense knife

If you prefer cutting techniques � look for double-edged knife with bent edges (pic. 2), kerambit (see the next page), or other variation on this theme.

knives for personal defense. self defense knife

Remember that type of a knife will determine your future combat actions: knives of one type are destined to make stab wounds, of another � to make incised wounds. This choice depends on your individual preferences.
* blade length, knife overall length and its weight.
* how its grip is convenient for your hand.
* how knife is convenient for everyday wear and concealed carry.
* low price. Self defense knife should not be expensive - it could be lost, taken away, or in some situation you will have to get rid of it.

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