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Self Defense Cutlery

   Undoubtedly, fixed blade knives are more reliable and efficient for self defense, but carrying such knife in some states you can face troubles with police.

self defense cutlery. fixed blade knife
Fixed blade knife

   Folders of course are not so reliable and efficient, but standard thumb-opening folding pocketknife is not only legal almost anywhere and easily explainable as a tool, but provides both slashing and stabbing capability. Folders are much more capable for concealed carry in comparison with the fixed blade knives.

self defense cutlery. folding knife
Folding pocket knife

   Butterfly knives belong to the class of folders. Butterfly knife (Balisong) opens by the flipping motion of a wrist. In a closed state its rotatory expanding bicomponent handle completely covers the blade. Butterfly knives are very popular among the martial artists and perfectly suitable for concealed carry, but they are banned in many states.

self defense cutlery. butterfly knife
Butterfly knife

   One of the most challenging types of modern self defense cutlery is kerambit. Kerambit was born in Indonesian archipelago about 10 centuries ago. This unusual blade looks like a claw of a tiger. Kerambit knife is a quite efficient self defense tool: due to the unusual shape of its blade and a design of a grip, it is capable to make very dangerous cuts and provides very effective mechanic energy transfer from the user�s body to the blade. The design of kerambit�s grip ensures its strong hold � it�s very hard to disarm kerambit holder.

self defense cutlery. Kerambit

   Plastic and ceramic cutlery deserves attention due to the attractive feature � such knives can�t be recognized by metal detectors in contrast to traditional steel blade knives. But despite manufacturers� guarantees, non-metal blades are not so reliable as compared to traditional steel blades. Although modern non-metal blades can�t replace steel blades, plastic or ceramic knife won�t be useless item of your arsenal.

self defense cutlery. Plastic knife
Plastic knife

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