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Nunchuks (Nunchaku) For Self-Defense

nunchuks, self defense with nunchaku

   Nunchuks (nunchaku) are extremely popular among the street fighters. Nunchaku is an old martial arts weapon consist of two relatively short sticks, joint together by a cord or a metal chain. Average length of a stick is about 11"-16"; cord's (chain's) length is about 6"-10". Nunchaku sticks are usually made of solid wood, hard plastic or metal. Nunchuk-fighting techniques involve various elements such as a circular or more complicated rotation, direct/diagonal/side strikes, swinging around the shoulder/neck, etc. Nunchuks also can be used for the grasping of enemy's hands and strangling. It is a kind of weapon which requires the regular and tenacious training, that's why we don't recommend nunchuks to the inexperienced fighters.

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