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Sprays For Self-Defense

self-defense sprays

   Self-defense sprays contain chemical or natural irritants are commonly used. Sprays gain a wide popularity due to their relatively high efficiency, simplicity, cheapness and small sizes. Self-defense sprays are destined to the temporary deactivation of assailants by affecting the eyes and mucous membranes. Self-defense spray can't allow assailant's complete deactivation, but it usually gives a plenty of opportunities to get rid of attacker.
   But we must note that self-defense sprays have some evident drawbacks. First, some people are not affected by chemical irritants. Alcohol and drugs can also reduce person's receptivity to the irritants. Thus, the use of defense spray may increase the severity of attack if it doesn't stop the agressor. Second, sprays are sensitive to the weather conditions; you may get spray back when sprayed against strong wind. Wind and rain may reduce spray's range and effectiveness. Third, it's dangerous for you to use the self-defense spray in a tight spaces because of the possibility to get an irritant on yourself. Nevertheless, spray is an extremely popular and quite reliable weapon of self-defense. We strongly recommend you to include a spray into your defense arsenal.

   Self-defense spray is an aluminium (or plastic) container of a small volume (usually 1-3 liq. oz), filled with an irritant's solution in an organic solvent (alcohols, benzene, cetons and chloroorganic substances are commonly used as a solvents). Spray also contains a propellant which makes an increased pressure in a container, and additives, which increase solution's viscosity to raise the aerosol's efficiency. The spray's ejection is carried out by pressing the button at the top of the container. Self-defense sprays may contain irritants of several types.

CN (Tear Gas)
   CN (chloracetophenone) is widely distributed irritant. It is applied for the needs of law enforcement, military agencies and civilian self-defenders. CN causes flow of tears when sprayed, but the irritant is relatively mild. It usually doesn't exert a strong influence on people; effect can usually last for a few minutes. CN doesn't affect on dogs, drunken and drug affected people.
   CS (ortho-chlorobenzalmalononitrile) - double-action chemical agent, which irritates both eyes and respiratory tract. It's actually stronger than CN. CS is a white crystalline substance that has been used for many years by the police forces and the military. It's a widespread irritant on German and Russian civilian markets, but used in the USA strictly for law enforcement. CS is a teratogen, that's why the substance is not recommended for the common use. As a CN, CS doesn't affect on dogs, drunken and drug affected people.
Pepper Spray (OC)
   OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) is a derivative of Hot Cayenne peppers. OC is much more efficient as compared to CN and CS; it's an inflammatory agent. Upon contact, it causes an intense burning sensation, temporary blindness, restricted breathing and disorientation. The effect of OC can last from 15 to 60 minutes depending on a concentration. Unlike CN and CS, OC perfectly affects on dogs, drunken and drug affected people. OC is a natural irritant, that's why it's much more innocuous in comparison with the chemical irritants.

   Mace Pepper Sprays - the self-defense products produced by Mace Security International. The company produces PepperGard pepper spray, and blended sprays (Pepper Foam, etc) under the name Mace. Mace sprays have some distinct features, such as the finger-grip dispenser, flip-top cap, and glow-in-the-dark firing buttons. Mace sprays are one of the most reliable and advanced self-defense sprays available on the market.

   The power of a pepper spray is rated both by a percentage content of OC and Scoville heat rating (SHU). The second characteristic is more important. When looking for a pepper spray to buy, choose a spray with the maximal SHU (1.5-2 millions) and high OC content (about 10%).

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