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Steel Batons For Self-Defense

telescopic steel baton

   Steel baton is a kind of self-defense weapon with extra reach. It's much more easy for inexperienced fighter to operate with a telescopic steel baton as compared with tonfa. Steel batons are convenient, low profile, and offer unparalleled effectiveness and psychological deterrence. Prevailing steel batons' models expand to 16, 21, and 26 inches - they give perfect opportunities to self-defender. Usually steel batons are equipped with a foam covered handles for easy gripping and a heavy-duty nylon holsters for easy carrying. Telescopic steel baton opens with a flick of an owner's wrist. Batons are usually made of dependable, rugged steel and feature positive lock system. Closed length of telescopic batons is in the range from 7" (for 16" batons) to 10" (for 26" batons).

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