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Stun Guns For Self-Defense

stun guns

   Stun guns are small electrical devices (battery operated) that are capable of emitting high-voltage shocks. The result is hopefully to distract or stun an attacker while you escape. You have to touch an attacker with the stun gun, and he will be deactivated for several minutes, without any residual damage. Due to their effectiveness, small sizes and reasonable prices, stun guns became quite popular self-defense weapons.
   A stun gun has two metal probes at the end of the device. Touching an attacker with the probes and pulling the trigger will cause an electrical current to go from the probes through the attacker´┐Żs clothes into his body. Short electrical impulse (for about 2 seconds) will cause an energetic muscle spasms and numb state of mind for several minutes. The pulsed current causes muscles to work super fast, depleting them of needed blood sugars. It also interrupts the tiny neurological impulses that control muscle movement.
   The overall efficiency of a stun gun is determined by two general parameters: an output (current power, watts) and device voltage (volts). The first parameter is the key of the stun gun's efficiency. The stun gun with higher amperage and output but relatively low voltage (80,000 volts) will be more powerful in comparison with the stun gun with an extremely high voltage (up to 650 000 volts) and lower output. That's why, before buying the stun gun you should chiefly check it for the output. Reliable stun gun must have an output no less than 25-30 watts. The optimal stun gun voltage is about 80,000-100,000.

   Note: stun guns have some evident drawbacks. To be effective, the stun gun must make contact with the skin or body. Leather or heavy clothing can prevent this contact with the body, making the overall usefulness of the device. Furthermore, one needs to be within arm's reach of an attacker to use the stun gun.

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