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Tonfas For Self-Defense


   Tonfa is a kind of old weapon, a wooden cane which has two handles: the first - traditionally disposed at the cane's end, and the second - disposed perpendicular to the first. Tonfa is a customary martial arts weapon, coming from Okinava school; nowadays it's widespread not only among the martial arts practitioners, but among the police officers and security teams. Modern tonfas are usually made of wood, high-impact polymer materials or composites, and metals. Average length of a tonfa is about 19"-24"; handle's length is approximately 4.5"-6". The distinctive feature of a tonfa-fighting technique is a tonfa rotation around the second (perpendicular) handle, but you can also use this weapon as an ordinary baton. One can use tonfa either as a defensive weapon blocking up cold steel arms attacks, punches and kicks, or as offensive weapon striking the enemy's vulnerable parts. Tonfa is a powerful and serious weapon which may give a high potentiality to the street fighter, but it requires a long time training before the successful use.

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